Latin 18 Countries
Data Only, no Voice and SMS
Available Plan:
  • 200MB/Day
  • 300MB/Day
  • 500MB/Day
Support Hotspot
Minimum 7 Days
3-in-1 Sim Card; All sizes in one (Standard, Micro and Nano)
Coverage Area:
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rico, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, El Salvador, Suriname, Uruguay
Network Provider:
  • Argentina: Claro
  • Brazil: Claro
  • Chile: Claro
  • Colombia: Telefonica
  • Costa Rico: ICE
  • Ecuador: Moviestar
  • French Guiana: Orange
  • Guatemala: Claro
  • Guyana: Digicel
  • Honduras: Claro
  • Mexico: Iusacel/Unefon
  • Nicaragua: Claro
  • Panama: Claro
  • Peru: Claro
  • El Salvador: Movistar
  • Suriname: Digicel
  • Uruguay: Ancel
  • globaldata
  • French Guiana & Mexico: emov
DATA speed exceed daily limit will slow down to 3G or 2G speed.

    Latin 18 Countries

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